Welcome to Mocha & Chai! – A place full of inspiration and adventures to live your best life!

Our names are Adam and Carla and we’re a young married couple from Victoria Australia, who love adventure, weekends off, board games, food, cafe’s, friends, family, trivia, technology and movies.

Mocha and Chai was born from wanting to share experiences and information with people. We want to make sure that you live your best life, and if we can share what we’ve learned along the way, and what others have learned to help your journey, then it will all be worth it. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not saying we’re perfect – no one is! But sharing life with each other is something we feel passionate about. If you’re having a great day – then that’s awesome! If you’re having a down day – then you need to know that you can get through this and that you’re not alone!

Mocha and Chai’s website was designed to be honest, uplifting and easy to use. We don’t want to waste your time, because time is precious. We don’t want to fill your mind with negative thoughts, because your mind is precious and should be guarded.

So whether you are ‘A Foodie, A Teacher, A Designer, A Gardener, An Adventurer’ or you want to be ‘A Better You’, then come along for the journey!

We can’t wait to be there as a breath of fresh air in your day. A way to see life differently. A way to be sunshine.

Much love,


Feel free to contact us via email at: mochaandchaiblog@gmail.com


*Please Note: All content included at mochaandchai.com consists of personal opinions and preferences ONLY. We are by no means medical professionals in any field, so all health related information is a personal opinion. We highly recommend seeing your healthcare professional for any health related issues, or any areas of concern that you may have.

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