Refresh. Reinvigorate. RENOVATE!

One thing that Adam and I have always believed in, is that everyone’s home should be two things. Firstly, it should be a space that reflects you, and secondly it should be somewhere to centre yourself. A place to escape the hustle and bustle of life. A place where you can recharge, refresh and reset your batteries.

Sometimes (thanks to a VERY pricy housing market in Melbourne) our budgets for homes get taken up by the purchase. Then you are left with a place you love, but with improvements that really need to be made. Well today I’m writing to encourage you that ‘sprucing’ your home and renovating on a budget is possible!

Thanks to shows like The Block, Grand Designs and Better Homes and Gardens, the home builder is becoming more and more common. It doesn’t matter who you are but with a little bit of guidance and YouTubing, you really can make a difference!

Instead of paying upwards of $20,000 for a new kitchen, why not paint the cupboards and bench top – you’ll feel like you’ve renovated but without that added expense! Instead of that $20,000 price tag, it will only cost 1/10 of the price!

Op shops are filled with treasures from couches to coffee tables! Why not pop down to your local one, find the piece you’re looking for, and give it a coat of paint or even get that couch recovered! Again, for a fraction of the cost you can still have that same look that you crave!

So here are my top five tips for getting your next project started…

1. Explore Bunnings – Discover what you can upgrade and do yourself, and ask for advice too!

2. Don’t always buy new – Visiting op shops, FB marketplace or Gumtree can save you a fortune!

3. Ask around – As they say ‘it’s who you know’. You’ll be surprised what your friends can help you with or who they know that could help!

4. Use your imagination – Don’t settle for what something is at face value. Discover its possibilities and how you can make it one-of-a-kind!

5. Be safe – Ultimately this is the most important tip for any DIY project. Make sure you always do things but the book, and are extra cautious. Don’t be a hero when building because it’s not worth the risk of getting it wrong!

I hope today’s post has inspired you. Inspired you to take that leap of faith and give it a try. Renovating is so unbelievably rewarding, and there is nothing better than looking back at your hard work and knowing it’s paid off. It’s these touches that turn your house into a home, so start today and be confident in yourself. After all, if we can do it, so can you!

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