Casual Relief Teaching – Career BRILLIANCE or blunder?

Long story short – casual relief teaching is one of the best career choices I’ve ever made! It gave me so many things that classroom teaching just can’t offer, and really made me a better teacher.

So with that said here’s my top four reasons to get into CRTing today…

  • The Experience

The main perk of CRTing is that it shows you how to teach in every year level. Quite a lot of the time on placement you just don’t get the opportunity or exposure that is really needed in Primary teaching. Many Pre-Service Teachers that I have met have this idea that they want to teach a specific year level in Primary school – this just isn’t a realistic option. So much goes into teacher placement and you need to be flexible and adaptable to go anywhere your school needs to. In CRTing early on in your career, you are able to set yourself up with a firm foundation and confidence to teach in any year level. It’s also fantastic to mention in applications when applying for jobs!

  • The Flexibility

The pay in Australia is so fantastic for relief teachers, and it is one of the most flexible jobs out there. If you’re unwell, going away, or just feel like a day off – you can have one!! There’s no need to call in sick or get doctors certificates. Most of the time companies have apps that you can just adjust with the touch of a button whether or not you’re available. Some also have the feature to let them know you’re ready in the morning. This bumps you up on their list because they know that if they call you, you’ve got keys at the ready and your lunch packed!

*ANZUK is a wonderful company to work for as they are very easy to communicate with and practical with availability etc.

  • Developing Behaviour Management

Without a doubt behaviour management is something you will learn and develop straight away! Whether you’ve been teaching for years or just graduated, there’s nothing like being thrown in the deep end with no planner and a grade full of big personalities! Universities say they prepare you for teaching – until you come up against students with different needs and issues. Being a CRT means that you need to connect with the students almost instantly, communicate well with them, provide instant structure, and also trust. As I went on in my season of CRTing, I found myself becoming more confident in my behaviour management skills – with each school I learned more and more. By the time I signed my first contract to have my own class my nerves for behaviour management weren’t as high and I definitely felt more prepared!

  • Try before you buy

Adam affectionately calls CRTing ‘speed dating for teachers’ – and it really is! The beauty of this career choice is that you can ‘try before you buy’ and understand whether a certain type of school or teaching method is for you. When you enter the teaching world during placement you quickly learn that a school is not just a school. There’s so much more involved and so much variety. When finding your perfect school, you need somewhere that won’t just give you a job, but one that will see you thrive. A place where you will enjoy going to each day. Where you not only have colleagues but friends. A place where your teaching style is complimented, and has a culture that you connect with. CRTing gives you a sneak peek into different schools and how they operate, what the staff are like, and how the students learn. Any school can have a fancy website, but it’s what’s on the inside that forms that point of difference. My first day of CRTing at a particular school was their Monday morning assembly, where the entire school dance together for some exercise to amazing dance tunes. The day just got better and by the end I said on the way home to Adam that I’d love to work there. Fast forward three months and I was hired, on my first contract, and in my own classroom.

So with all that said, if you are wondering whether or not to take the leap into CRTing – DO IT!! I can’t recommend it enough for so many reasons! These are just my top four but feel free to email me and we can chat about some of the other benefits later.

Much love to all our readers, but for everyone in the teaching world, we hope you’re resting up for what will be a CRAZY Term 4!


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