NOSHU – Sugar free baking at its best!

Sugar free baking is definitely a new step in cooking for me. I’ve tried many things like Pinterest, blogs, books and websites, all in search for some tasty treats for Adam and I to enjoy…and it’s been a challenge.

You see I’ve found that many sugar-free products use either rice malt syrup, agave, stevia or dates as their main source of sweetness, all of which I don’t like or can’t have. So to find alternatives has been extremely hard for those times when we’ve wanted a bite or two of something sweet. This whole no-sugar idea for us is very new and we’re really hoping that it lasts. Lasts so that we can be healthier, have a better lifestyle, and to one day show our kids how to have a great balance with food.

Discovering Noshu foods was really an answer to prayer. During a cold winter’s night I popped out to the supermarket to try and find something for Adam and I to have with our tea. Nothing big, but something still healthy. I visited the health food aisle but nothing interested me, so I went to see if there was anything in the packet mix aisle – and there it was – Noshu’s Sugar Free White Choc Vanilla Cookies. I read the packet and what the company was all about, then raced home to get my baking on. Adam and I were VERY skeptical at first, but wow were they tasty and so easy to bake!

Noshu foods pride themselves on being sugar-free, gluten-free, low-carb and a healthy alternative for anyone out there – no matter what food intolerances or restrictions you have! They love making food simple and delicious, so that you really can ‘have your cake and eat it too!’

Here are some photos of my first bake, which went really really well. Everything the packet said I followed to the letter, and I even read their suggestions!

These cookies were so easy to make and I really recommend buying them if you’d like something sweet at home. I’m still hunting for recipes to make from scratch (because I’m a big fan of wholesome cooking) but in the meantime these are a great alternative. Noshu foods don’t just have this recipe available either, so keep your eyes peeled for more out there – including cakes! You can also visit their website for more information on their products and philosophy.

So with all that said, happy baking everyone! And all the best with any food or lifestyle changes you’re working on. Just remember to take it day by day, and that you can do this – you have it within you to make a difference!

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