Make your own TERRARIUM

Spring has spring and the weather has finally turned after what has been an exceptionally cold winter! One of my most favourite projects this time of year are hand-made terrariums. They are so easy to make and if I can do it, so can you!

Here are my FOUR EASY STEPS:

  1. Buy a glass vase or terrarium – All I did was visit my local Kmart and found this great glass container for $6, which was perfect! Check out your local Bunnings or nursery as they might have them too, but they will probably come at a cost. Op shops aren’t too bad to visit either!
  2. Layer the bottom – Make sure that you have some small stones on the bottom of y our container and some good soil for your plants to grow in. The layers are really important so the plants have the depth to grow and so they have good drainage. You can also add other elements like charcoal, but I was looking for a more affordable option so I didn’t add it. After one year (I made mine last Spring) it’s still going strong with regular misting!
  3. Plant and decorate – Choose some succulents for your terrarrium and add any decorations you might like. I love dinosaurs, LEGO, and quirky interior elements, so I decided to combine them all in mine!


  • Not all terrariums need a lid – it really depends on the types of succulents you choose. Some need a lid to create their own ecosystem, whereas others need the open air to flourish.
  • When watering your terrariums, I’ve found the easiest option is to mist them with a cheap spray bottle. Just be careful with recycled ones as you really don’t want the chemicals getting into the soil.
One of my favourite weekend projects during Spring – and it’s such a great talking point at home!
Adam and I exploring the jungle with our pet velociraptor…LEGO style! Hehe!

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