From non-gardener to GREEN THUMB

In celebrating the imminent arrival of SPRING, I thought I’d share one of the greatest gardening secrets around. You see, one of the things that Adam and I enjoy most is being outside! Nothing feels more amazing than stepping out into the sunshine and being a part of nature! Well if you are someone who loves the outdoors, but feels as though you kill every plant in sight when it comes to gardening – then fear not because I have a solution for you – SUCCULENTS!

It all began one Christmas when I received a big beautiful pot plant, that measured about one metre in diameter. My plan was to turn it into a herb garden, however due to high winds and sun that beamed down with immense heat, I scrapped that idea. The idea for giving succulents a go came from a chat during lunch in the staff room. Our school has a beautiful garden and so I thought I would give them a go, on the advice that ‘anyone can grow them’.

I went home that afternoon with some cuttings, spread them out into the soil (which was the cheapest soil mix Bunnings had), and then watered them in. After a sprinkle of Osmocote I was done and then the waiting began. Would these end up like my herb garden, or would they actually work. Now that a bit of time has passed, I think I’ll leave it up to you to decide…

Yes – my succulents worked! There were a couple of $3.59 seedlings that I added for some extra texture, but ultimately these were all I had from the beginning. As each succulent species grew I had to break them off and spread them out because they were getting too big!

So the moral of the story is that if I can grow these, and have them last on a windy, sun scorched court yard, through a harsh summer and frosty winter, then you can too! Succulents are the most forgiving plants I’ve found so far, and I would recommend them any day to anyone who is looking for a little bit of green in their lives.

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