For the love of GIN

I have to be honest – I’ve never been a big drinker.

From time to time I do enjoy some cider, mojitos, moscato and I’m learning to love red wine. But never have I ever gravitated towards having some Gin…until now.

You see, not long ago Adam and I set off with some family, on a surprise expedition to Healsville’s very own gin distillery – Four Pillars. From the moment we arrived we had the most amazing time. The outside glistened in the sunshine from the copper signs and decor, and it was just as beautiful when going inside. We were welcomed by a staff member who explained what they offered, and then showed us around. After much deliberation we chose the $10 tasting experience – yes, only $10!

The four of us spent about 40 minutes with our server, in a private tasting area, where he explained the whole distillery process and showed us some of the machines used to do so. Each tasting of gin was explained, and with the selection of complimentary herbs and spices to smell, we really felt like distilling gin ourselves!

At the end of the day though, it all comes down to the taste – and boy did it not disappoint! As I mentioned earlier, I’ve never been one to gravitate towards gin, but now I do love what Four Pillars has to offer. Ranging in alcohol content and taste, you could really tell the difference in flavours and the various techniques used to create those one-off batches. We also loved the fact that they operate under a ‘zero waste’ policy, which means that all of the aromats used in the gin process, are cooked down to make various jams, jellies, and preserves (all available in their shop).

So if you decide to head out, why not go for a drive to the beautiful town of Healsville, through the Yarra Valley, and pop in to Four Pillars. Reignite or even develop a new taste and love for gin – it will be well worth it!

Let us know if you have any favourite places to visit in the Yarra Valley too! We’d love to share them with everyone for more adventures!

For more information about Four Pillars, visit their website at:

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