Your new best friend – DJI’s MAVIC AIR DRONE

In early 2018, DJI brought out its most advanced personal drone yet. A hybrid of both the Spark and the Phantom, it provided a way for those who wanted to be their own movie-makers, to do just that. They had all the best elements of each drone – and an amazing editing app to boot!

For Adam’s 30th birthday it was ‘the dream’ that was on his wish list. After much deliberation, and us trawling through YouTube to see its durability, the family came together to make his dream a reality – and boy was it ever! This drone has brought nothing but joy for not just him – but myself and others too! In Mary Poppins at the very end of the film, we find the Banks family singing that famous song ‘Let’s Go Fly a Kite’ – nowadays people will be singing ‘Let’s Go Fly a Drone’! With its simplistic styling and ease-of-use, this piece of technology will bring you so many things to explore, capture and film. Most of all though it will reignite your excitement to explore the ‘great outdoors’, and see life in a whole new amazing way!

So with all that said, here are three things we think you should know about DJI’s Mavic Air…

1. Ridiculously easy to use.

Picturesque Lorne provided the backdrop for ‘Buddy’s’ maiden voyage (and yes – he has a name). The weather was spectacular and the scenery didn’t disappoint. After breakfast we found a nice little spot, away from other people, in order to have the space to learn how to handle him and how he flew. Without exaggerating, it was the smallest learning curve ever! Within minutes Adam had flown the drone and the footage was outstanding! Keep in mind he had no other photography experience, or even drone flying experience for that matter! The closest form of practice he had was playing video games and using controllers.

After flying for about an hour, we got talking with a gentleman who saw the  drone in action. He came over to ask how Adam was able to stabilise it and fly it so smoothly. We showed him how fantastic DJI’s design was, and that this was the drone that beginners really needed for flying! And in all seriousness – it is true! Yes it is more expensive than your cheaper, less durable drones, but the point of buying  a drone is to enjoy flying it and be able to take the photos or video you’re dreaming of. Whether it be for business or pleasure, a drone that is exceptionally easy to use should be priority one. DJI really has outdone themselves, and made droning accessible and easy for everyone.

2. The video and photo quality is phenomenal.

It would be silly to write paragraphs on how amazing the quality of the film is. So sit back and enjoy a short clip showing some of the adventures we have gone on – after all, a picture says 1,000 words.

3. Portable for any occasion.

The light-weight nature and portability of DJI’s Mavic Air, makes it incomparable to any others on the market of this quality. And with the sense of adventure it brings, the last thing you want is something chunky and heavy to cart around. When folded it measures at 168mm x 83mm, and has a total weight of 430 grams – perfect to carry in any bag and ready to go at any minute. We keep ours in a small backpack with the extra batteries and controller, which by the way is completely collapsible as well!


Click the button below for more information on the DJI Mavic Air, its specs and pricing.


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