RELAY for Life

Relay for Life is definitely something special. It’s a time when you can come together with others who have been touched by cancer, talk about your journey, and be there for each other in a way that is unexplainable.

My family has definitely been and continues to be touched by cancer to this day. We have gone through many things that maybe you have too – triumph, loss, and hope. Triumph for those who have overcome it. Loss for those who we have painfully lost. And hope for those who continue to fight this day. I always knew that it affected me, and over time I really thought I had moved forward from the hurt, sadness, and struggle during that time – until going to Relay for Life. There’s something that happens to you when you physically do something which represents emotion and feelings. Most of the time people cry who would never cry, and laughs are had by those who would usually struggle to do so. It’s like there’s something in the air. Something that heals.

The best thing about Relay for Life is that everybody – and I mean everybody can get involved. It is held during different times of the year, at all different locations, so I’m sure there’s one near you. People gather in teams to either walk, run, stroll, or roll to complete laps around ovals or tracks for 12 hours straight. Each lap represents that cancer never rests – and so neither do we. Most venues have different things to remember each lap you have completed. Our has beads, which means that after you have finished you have a special memento of the event – and better yet you can wear them again the next year! You will also find entertainment, food trucks, activities, music, performances, and special laps to signify certain people. The first lap is for the survivors, and a candle-lit lap is for all those lost. You can register early or just come on the day and join a team. Bring the whole family, work colleagues, or just yourself – the possibilities are endless. You can also pitch tents to nap in, bring shelters to stay warm in, or have places to go for somewhere cool to retreat to.

This is such an amazing community event and one of the most beautiful and wonderful things I have ever participated in. So if you have been touched by cancer, and want to be a part of something bigger, something that will give you so much more than what you think, then visit the website below and register TODAY.

If you also need more information about cancer, or need support, please visit the Cancer Council online at:


Bringing your bookcase to LIFE

When Adam and I moved into our new apartment I finally had room to bring my many books…and I’m not exaggerating, there were many many books!

It was such an amazing feeling to be immersed in an environment full of knowledge and possibilities again, but I was faced with an interesting dilemma…how could I possibly make them look good on mass?

I feel like there are many homes out there with many amazing bookcases filled with the most interesting reads, but they don’t do their occupants justice in their appearance. So I had an idea – an idea that might just provide that design solution that some might be after…I colour coded them!

I think the results speak for themselves.

My bookcase didn’t look terrible beforehand, but afterwards it took on such life and boldness! When people look around our home now they see a vibrant display with amazing colours, rather than a piece of furniture that is just a part of the space. It draws people in to discover that which it holds…stories, poems, facts, love, loss, travel and inspiration.

So guys I encourage you to take the brave step and colour code the bookcases of the world! Be bold, daring, and give them a new life…in doing so you might just discover a world of inspiration, fun and love that you forgot you had.


  1. Make some space on the floor because you’ll need a bit of room.
  2. Group each colour together from the lightest to darkest.
  1. Depending on your shelving unit, try to stack them in their colour blocks.
  2. To give a smooth and modern appearance, push all the spines up to each other so they appear as one seamless block.

For the love of GIN

I have to be honest – I’ve never been a big drinker.

From time to time I do enjoy some cider, mojitos, moscato and I’m learning to love red wine. But never have I ever gravitated towards having some Gin…until now.

You see, not long ago Adam and I set off with some family, on a surprise expedition to Healsville’s very own gin distillery – Four Pillars. From the moment we arrived we had the most amazing time. The outside glistened in the sunshine from the copper signs and decor, and it was just as beautiful when going inside. We were welcomed by a staff member who explained what they offered, and then showed us around. After much deliberation we chose the $10 tasting experience – yes, only $10!

The four of us spent about 40 minutes with our server, in a private tasting area, where he explained the whole distillery process and showed us some of the machines used to do so. Each tasting of gin was explained, and with the selection of complimentary herbs and spices to smell, we really felt like distilling gin ourselves!

At the end of the day though, it all comes down to the taste – and boy did it not disappoint! As I mentioned earlier, I’ve never been one to gravitate towards gin, but now I do love what Four Pillars has to offer. Ranging in alcohol content and taste, you could really tell the difference in flavours and the various techniques used to create those one-off batches. We also loved the fact that they operate under a ‘zero waste’ policy, which means that all of the aromats used in the gin process, are cooked down to make various jams, jellies, and preserves (all available in their shop).

So if you decide to head out, why not go for a drive to the beautiful town of Healsville, through the Yarra Valley, and pop in to Four Pillars. Reignite or even develop a new taste and love for gin – it will be well worth it!

Let us know if you have any favourite places to visit in the Yarra Valley too! We’d love to share them with everyone for more adventures!

For more information about Four Pillars, visit their website at:

Your new best friend – DJI’s MAVIC AIR DRONE

In early 2018, DJI brought out its most advanced personal drone yet. A hybrid of both the Spark and the Phantom, it provided a way for those who wanted to be their own movie-makers, to do just that. They had all the best elements of each drone – and an amazing editing app to boot!

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