Walking in a Winter WONDERLAND

It’s quite amazing living in Victoria – and you don’t realise it’s beauty until you leave. It’s like that age old saying that ‘you don’t know what you have until it’s gone’. With the city, the countryside, the mountains and the beach, all within hours from each other, you can understand why Melbourne has been voted ‘The Most Liveable City’ in the world seven years in a row! (2011-2017. Vienna took out the title this year – sad face!)

A couple of weeks ago we headed out for another adventure and day trip to Lake Mountain. The day was AMAZING and filled with so much fun – more importantly it was affordable and so enjoyable! We felt like kids again and were in awe of just how beautiful the landscape was.

Now I have to say that neither myself, Adam or my sister are skiers, but when it comes to tobogganing and making snow men – watch out! Naturally we took our DJI Mavic Air drone and managed to get some AMAZING footage!

Now as you know we’re no interested in lengthy and wordy posts, so here is an easy break down of the day – and of course tips for your next adventure!


  • 9am – We woke up and got ready for the day.
  • 11am – Left the house with my sister and headed to one of our favourite cafe’s (Lorna) for a take away cuppa and nibble.
  • 11:30am – We set off for Lake Mountain, ready for our 68km drive.
  • 1pm – We arrived at Lake Mountain after travelling through Healsville and the very picturesque Black Spur Forest.
  • 5:45pm – We left Lake Mountain and headed home just as the sun set and clouds came in.


  • Tobogganing – There were many slopes to try and race down!
  • Hiking – We hiked to the summit and had the best time! It was such a great workout as well and the landscape was AMAZING!
  • Droning – We took our DJI Mavic Air drone and DJI’s Osmo Mobile 2 Gimble for landscape photography. It was so worth it and another great chance to capture some amazing footage and photos!
  • Flying Fox – There is an epic flying fox on the mountain, which we didn’t go on. It was $25 for two turns and we weren’t really keen on doing that as we wanted to go hiking instead.
  • Do you want to build a snowman? – Of course we can’t forget the traditional snowman and snow angel activities that come with a visit to the snow. There are so many areas to relax and do this in, just remember to bring your carrot and scarf!
  • Picnic – Lake Mountain has lots of space to have picnics and eat your own food – a great way to save money as well and enjoy the scenery too!


  • Water – BRING YOUR OWN WATER TO DRINK! There are NO places to fill up your water bottles there. You can only buy water from the cafeteria at $4 a bottle, and the wait time is huge!
  • Drive time – Leave enough time for you to enjoy the day and do everything you want to do! It’s not a time to rush – believe me – we didn’t want to leave! Haha!
  • Tobogganing  Using your heels as a way to steer the toboggan left/right and brake was really helpful!
  • Walking/Hiking – Be careful of walking in the snow because when we went there it was so deep that we sunk down to our crutches! Haha! Proper snow shoes probably would have been good to distribute our weight. At one point my sister and I had to crawl to do this!
  • Droning/Photography – Take your gear in a secure backpack so you can just enjoy yourself and not worry about things getting broken. Adam’s Peak Design backpack was the BEST buy for adventures like this! (Peak Design Everyday Backpack – https://www.peakdesign.com/everyday-backpackIt would have been good to also have a second screen (phone) so we didn’t have to use the same onefor the drone and gimble. An extra power bank would have also been good to charge the phone as it was used a lot (in the end we used a car charger on the way home).
  • Be careful – Being in the snow is super fun, but please be mindful that you are still on top of a mountain where the ground is slippery and uneven. Take proper precautions, read the signs, and be conscious of what you do.
  • Hiring gear – Hire off the mountain as much as possible! Our wait time on the mountain was about 45 mins and very monotonous. Just be careful when things have to be returned so you leave enough time to get it back!
  • Staying Warm – Making sure you are warm is the first thing about enjoying the snow – nobody wants to spend the day cold and wet! Layers are the best as it can get warm when you’re in the sunshine and hiking around. Wear one pair of warm socks not two – an Alaskan tip we heard – it’s to make sure you have good circulation in your toes. Finally, ‘Hot Hands’ are lifesavers! They are little heat packs that stay warm for at least six hours! You can get them from Woolworths, Coles and most chemists – they are super cheap and they literally stay warm for at least 6 hours retail for about $2 each and are air activated! (https://hothands.com/)
  • Before you head home – Just before we left we went to the bathrooms, had hot showers, then changed into comfy clothes. It was the best idea and we drove home warm and cosy!


  • Entry – $56 per car load
  • Food – Typically expensive and not the healthiest thing around. We would equate it to having a treat and eating at the movies – you don’t do it because of the nutrition or that it’s affordable – it’s a fun experience! In saying that you can DEFINITELY bring your own stuff.
  • Petrol – This trip wasn’t massive enough to warrant filling up again, but if you need to splitting the cost is always an option.

With all of that being said Lake Mountain is the most wonderful place to go for a taste of winter and snow! We had the most amazing time exploring, taking footage and photos, and just relaxing together. Life can get so busy and hectic sometimes, and has many worries as well. It’s times like these and adventures in life that give us a break and make us feel like kids again. So if you have time, head up to Lake Mountain. It will be worth the trip!

The only thing you need to ask yourself is – do you want to build a snowman?

Check it out Lake Mountain’s website here, where you can find daily snow and weather updates – https://www.lakemountainresort.com.au/

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