A big HELLO to Hello Fresh

From one friend to another, I’m sure you’ve heard by now about Hello Fresh – the amazing and convenient way to cook healthy meals – all delivered to your door!

Well this week was our first Hello Fresh week and honestly, we couldn’t have been more excited! In the past we’d tried other options for convenient cooking, but nothing had really ‘hit the spot’. Fortunately for us though, I stumbled onto a Hello Fresh voucher at work. So after checking it out I did what everyone else would do, and signed us up! Once I was done our little experiment would only cost us $19.85 – a bargain considering it would give us ten dinners and ten lunches for the week ahead!

Long story short – all aspects of Hello Fresh have really exceeded our expectations! It all began with the friendly text I received on Saturday morning that our box had been delivered. I woke up, opened our front door, and there it was – very big and heavy!

Hello Fresh Box

I have to say that I was very skeptical at first given that we were getting raw ingredients – I mean, how could a company ensure that level of freshness – well they certainly did a good job! Everything was well packed, easy to understand, and there was a chilled insulated bag for all of the perishable items (meat, cheese, sauces etc.).

This is what was in our box, which was the ‘Family plan, 4 people, 5 meal kits’ option – usually $159.80 for 20 servings, at $7.99 per serving.

What's in the box?

I have to say it looked so warm and inviting! Each meal kits vegetables were in brown paper bags. They also came with a meal card, double-sided, with all the information you needed to make that perfect, delectable dish. As an avid home cook, I thought the the detail in the menu cards was amazing – ranging from cook times, to a list of ingredients, what you would need from home (which was barely anything), and step-by-step instructions with photos to boot! There were even some ‘thanks for choosing us’ discounts as well for other lifestyle companies, and a ‘Getting Started’ magazine!

Now you may be wondering (as was I) whether it would fit into your fridge – after all it was a lot of food! Well I thought I would help out and show you some pics – after all, what are friends for! Our Samsung fridge (which is AMAZING) is your regular sized fridge, and in the end I would say that it took up about 1.5 shelves worth.

Check it out…

Okay – so far so good! We got the great looking box, filled with scrumptious ingredients, it was all packed away and ready to go – now all we had to do was cook! Haha!

For our first meal we chose ‘Speedy Honey-Soy Glazed Chicken with Sesame Fries’. The recipe said 35 mins total, but by the time I finished, understood what their processes were, and followed EVERY instruction, it was about 55 mins.

Here are some pics we took along the way.

And the end result. Drum roll please…

Two gourmet dinners, two gourmet lunches, and a successful new recipe idea for the future!

Hello Fresh final

Three reasons to say HELLO to Hello Fresh…

1. Convenience

Hello Fresh is exceptionally convenient. Firstly, setting up delivery is so simple, and with their custom notes section, they can even take on challenges of finding units and apartments. Everything should also fit in your fridge, and with the best laid-out recipes I’ve seen, cooking will be simple and not complicated.

2. New ideas

The variety they have available is quite big and growing all the time. These recipes are great ways of learning new cooking techniques and flavour combinations, which you can add to any off your existing meals you love to cook – or better yet, use them in combination with each other and have fun experimenting!

3. It’s fun!

Hear this – cooking is NOT meant to be a chore. It’s a time to get comfy, chill out, and relax. Use this time, even though your day may be busy, to just have FUN! Hello Fresh is so laid out and simple you just can’t get it wrong. Bottom line – it’s fail safe, so all you have to do it focus on enjoying yourself!

So with that all being said I had better dash as it’s getting quite late. It’s been so great sharing this adventure with you, and I hope to see you again soon!

Until next time – stay passionate, and remember to live life with adventure.

M & C

If you’re interested in Hello Fresh, or want more information, please check out the link below.


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